About Everyday Wines

10 things you may not know about us

  1. We like beer, too. We carry a choice selection of beer, mostly from Michigan brewers, with a few of our foreign favorites added to the mix.
  2. There is a method to our madness. Ever wonder why we can find a wine anywhere in the store within seconds? That’s because our wares are carefully arranged according to a system of our own devising. You may not be able to tell, but we’re happy to share our organizational secrets with anyone who asks.
  3. We taste and select every wine we sell. If it’s on our shelves, we’ve tasted it, and we’re more than happy to tell you why we like it. Because we do like it. Really.
  4. Those informative little cards found throughout the store? We write those. All those pithy opinions are ours. Do we like the wines with cards more than the wines without cards? No, we’ve just been too busy helping customers to write up every bottle, but that’s our goal. When we opened in 2004, every wine had a card. We plan on making that happen again in 2012.
  5. If it’s available in Michigan, we’ll get it for you. Longing for a bottle—or a case—of a wine you tried at a friend’s house or enjoyed at your favorite restaurant? We’re more than happy to track it down for you, whether you want a whole case or just a bottle. You can find out more about our special order services here.
  6. We host weekly wine tastings, and they’re free. Just about every Saturday, we offer free in-store tastings from 4pm to 5pm. (These tastings are temporarily suspended for some holidays, so please do call ahead.)
  7. We’ll deliver a case or more for free within three miles of the store. That’s right: wine at your doorstep, free delivery. And, if it’s beyond three miles (or less than a case) but still Ann Arbor, we charge just $10.
  8. We’re locally owned, and we’re totally independent. Owner Mary Campbell is a longtime resident of Ann Arbor, and she currently resides in the city’s Waterhill neighborhood. The store’s award-winning store design was created by two professors in the University of Michigan’s Graduate School of Architecture, Neil Robinson and Jason Young. We have a sister store in Marquette, Michigan, owned and operated by Daniel Rutz, the first manager of the Ann Arbor store, but this is the only other Everyday Wines location. We are not a franchise.
  9. Want to keep track of your purchases? We can help with that. Just tell us that you’d like us to record what you buy, remind us every time you check out, and you’ll never have to drive yourself nuts wondering, “Oh, what was that wonderful red blend with the black label I had that one time…?”
  10. We’re open every day. Naturally. Monday to Friday, we’re open from 9am until 7pm. You can drop by Saturdays from 8am ’til 6pm, and Sundays from noon to 5pm.

A little more about us

Our mission is simple: to make wine an easy and affordable everyday pleasure. We taste wines from all over the world in order to stock our shelves with handpicked selections that provide great QPR—quality-price ratio—while offering you the chance to try wines you might not find elsewhere. Our staff is happy to help you choose the perfect wine—or wines—for any occasion, from weddings to block parties to tonight’s dinner. We host weekly in-store tastings and offer classes for those who want to explore wine a bit more, and, of course, we’re always eager to answer any questions you might have when you visit our store.

About the owner

Mary Campbell’s appreciation for wine was well established when she made her first trip to Europe, but it was there that she discovered wine as an everyday pleasure—inexpensive, unintimidating, and woven into the fabric of everyday life. That’s the experience she hopes to recreate in her shop.