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ALL the rosé has landed. We repeat: ALL the rosé is here, in the shop, waiting for YOU.

Rotating Weekend Spritzers by the glass now! Each week we’ll embellish one of our favorite spritzy white wines with a seasonal flavor: vermouth, botanical shrub, summer fruit syrup, etc. Come check out our refreshing concoctions by the glass, and brainstorm your own for home!


August 2019 Six Pack Special

This month the Six Pack Special (for those of you with an Everyday Wines Bag) is actually a Seven Pack! for only $67.83 (tax included).


Les Vignerons des Mont Ventoux (Cooperative)  “Cuvée des 3 Messes Basses” 2018 3L (France, Rhone–Cotes du Ventoux) $32

The name, which means “3 low masses” comes from a Ventoux folk tale about a priest who hurried through singing three masses. But, there’s no need to rush through this crisp and dry rose. Besides, it’s vacuum-sealed to stay fresh, so you can take your time. It’s also portable with a built-in spigot. Because, SUMMER.

With this lovely blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Carignan we get touches of floral on the nose with strawberry and watermelon.  On the palate there is nice acidity to balance the ripe and tart fruit with touches of citrus peel and salty briny notes on the finish.  


Bodegas Fento Bico da Ran Albarino 2018 (Spain, Rias Baixas) $14.99

Eulogio Pomares earned his fame with Albarino at nearby Zarate winery, which he still runs. A biodynamic farmer and low-intervention (read labor-intensive) winemaker, Pomares is so passionate about this region of Rias Baixas that he couldn’t help himself but start a whole second winery when he encountered these vineyards. You know, just in his free time. Lucky for us, that means we get Bodegas Fento!

The nose offers green melon fruit and subtle white flower aromas. These pergola-trained vines handle the heat here well though, so the fruit isn’t over-ripe on the palate. Crisp peach and apricot mingles with a complex earthy minerality for a refreshing but stimulating wine. Yes seafood paella! But also: roasted peppers stuffed with goat cheese, warm chicory salad, and tandoori chicken. 


Destro “Aspide” Etna Rosso (Italy, Sicily) $13.99

Sometimes a wine writer gets it so spot on that we just have to get out of the way. Such is the case when Madeline Puckette (of Wine Folly) describes this grape: “With the elegance of Pinot Noir and the explosive exuberance of Zinfandel, Nerello Mascalese is delightfully easy to drink.” Precisely.

Grown in Sicily on the slopes of an ancient volcano (Mt. Etna) this grape is known for it’s lovely red fruit, crunchy acidity, and delicate tannins. Not to be taken lightly though, as that volcanic soil also imparts an earthy depth that makes every Nerello Mascalese we’ve encountered quite memorable. Pair with oily fishes, Calabrian sausage, hard cheese and smoky, charred vegetables (like baba ganoush).  

Domaine Philemon Braucol 2017 “Croix d’Azal” (France, Gaillac) $12.99

Coming to us from a 20 hectare, certified-organic vineyard operated by the Vieules family since 1804, the ‘Croix d’Azal ‘ is a wonderful expression of Braucol – the name used in Gaillac for the Fer Servadou grape.

On the nose, we get earthy spice, herbs and dark plum. On the palate, we get more of the same with dark berry fruit, black pepper, fennel seed, good acidity and minerality. Give 20-30 minutes to calm the tannins.