You’ve found it! The inner sanctum. The place where we reveal our current infatuations and abiding passions: the wines we have a crush on, the vineyards we daydream about, the specials we’re offering in our very own store. Check back at your leisure. Updates posted as fancy moves us.

October 2019 Six Pack Special

This month we wanted to equip you with wines that can be enjoyed in costume, watching football, or gathered with friends in your freshly-raked backyard around a fall fire. Perhaps you’re doing all of these things at once. We’re cool with that. Just be sure you have wine, is all.

The October Six Pack Special (for those of you with an Everyday Wines Bag) is available for only $72.13 (tax included). Don’t have an Everyday Wines bag? Ask one of us at the shop and we’ll show you how!


Fontana Candida Frascati 2017 (Italy, Frascati) $8.99

Skeleton Gruner Veltliner 2018 (Austria, Burgenland) $10.99

Can Sumoi Perfum 2018 (Spain, Penedès) $20.99


Grao Vasco Dao 2017 (Portugal, Dao) $8.99

Chakras Malbec 2017 (Argentina, Mendoza) $12.99

Grifalco Aglianico del Vulture “Gricos” 2016 (Italy, Basilicata–Vulture) $15.99