Winter in the Alps 3-Pack

Winter in the Alps 3-Pack

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Cold Michigan winters always make me want to hunker down, spend my evenings cooking hearty, comforting food, and fantasizing about being snowed in at a swiss chalet drinking hot tea in front of a crackling fire and gazing out at the beautiful European Alps. While that's entirely NOT possible right now, that doesn't mean we can't pretend, right? So, I've selected three absolutely lovely Alpine wines from Italy that will transport us (if only in spirit) to our dream winter getaway.

The Domaine Richel 'La Combell' Blanc from the Apremont subregion of Savoie, France is a zippy and mineral white wine with notes of blossom and stone fruit. While it's a lighter wine for the winter, this is the perfect wine to go with warming, comforting fare such as cheese fondue with nice crusty bread, beet salad with a strong cheese, or anything creamy and mushroomy with toasted nuts. A real gem from the French Alps, this wine is sure to whisk you away to your dream mountain vacation. 

The Putzenhof 'Bozner Leiten' out of Alto Adige is a wonderful and unique expression of the Schiava grape. Lean and mineral, while also delicate and a bit floral, we consider this to be the perfect Alpine pinic wine! Herbal aromas and cherry and wild berry on the palate, this wine is a perfect expression of the unique terroir of the French/Italian Alps. Light enough to go with apps and salad, but hearty enough to go with heavier fare, this wine sits perfectly on any winter table.

Finally, the La Kiuva 'Rouge de Vallee' Red Blend, also out of Vallée d'Aoste, is a mostly Picondero (a local Nebbiolo clone) red blend, with a little bit of Gros Vien, Neyret, Cornalin and Fumin blended in. The heartiest of these three wines, it still has a lovely, light ruby-red color, with a rather intense-yet-also-delicate, slightly spicy nose. The palate brings the tannins, adding heft to this wine, but it still drinks incredibly smooth, making this an incredible wintry food wine. I drink mine alongside homemade Rouladen, but this wine will be equally as happy being paired with creamy mushroom dishes, charcuterie, braised meats...really anything comforting and warm that maximizes the coziness.