Thank you to EDW Staff

As we all agreed to keep our social interactions to a minimum (or none), I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to spend my time with in 2020.  

Thanks for reading

To George and Bill who dealt with the extreme chaotic nature of our business at the beginning of the year and continued to put in place systems that helped us all stay healthy and sane (mostly).  They understood early on the hazards of staying open to the public and the importance of wearing masks.  They also did whatever job they needed to do (getting a website up, creating spreadsheets to make sure customer orders didn’t fall through the cracks, packing orders, making deliveries, wiping down every case when we had no idea how the virus could spread, finding new wines, reconfiguring the store, reconfiguring the store again, etc, etc).

To Gauri, who when we called her in early May and said, “Hey, would you be willing to do deliveries. We have no idea for how long or how many hours per week.” She said, “Sure. I can help with that.”  When we needed help with photographing items for the website, Gauri agreed to do that as well.  And, she even made the bows on the gift boxes look great!  

To Emma, who joined us in the fall just as we prepared ourselves for the holidays, Covid-19 spiking again, and cold weather.  Although it was somewhat bittersweet that we were able to hire her (she previously worked at Logan that closed this year), it seems like she’s been part of the staff for years.

To Amie, who left us in September of 2019 to move to Ketchum, Idaho.    She continues to write descriptions and get the email out each month.  And, check out the Cru Beaujolais and Nebbiolo posts that she has authored.  We’re so lucky that she’s been willing to continue helping us part-time (especially because she just had a baby girl--Hi, Sylvie).  Her work has been so critical to making the everyday wines online experience more like the store.  

And, last but not least, I say thank you to my husband and partner of nearly 32 years.  He doesn’t technically work for the store and yet, he spent hours and hours driving around Ann Arbor this spring (prior to George driving hours and hours). He made delicious meals and made sure I ate, and even encouraged me to take a walk every day instead of working endlessly at the dining room table.