ABC  Alphabet Series 3 Pack

ABC Alphabet Series 3 Pack

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The beginning of our alpahbet exploration of grape varietals that are off (or at least slightly off) the beaten path, both in their geography and in their unique characteristics.  The first set of the series introduces:

A) Aligote, although relatively unknown, is the #2 white grape in Burgundy (Chardonnay being #1). Planted in the poorer vineyard sites, this grape gets the last laugh, producing lovely light-medium bodied wines with food-friendly acidity.

M. Giraudon Aligote Burgundy, France 2019

B) Bobal, it happens to be the 2nd most planted red grape in Spain! This one comes from organically grown old vines, planted in Valencia where it enjoys the cooler climate of an 800 m altitude.

Atance Bobal Valencia, Spain 2019

C) Cesanese (chay-sah-nay-say) a chewy, lively red from the outskirts of Rome

Volpetti 'Le Piantate' Cesanese Lazio, Italy 2019