ABC  3-Pack

ABC 3-Pack

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The beginning of our alpahbet exploration of grape varietals that are off (or at least slightly off) the beaten path, both in their geography and in their unique characteristics.  The first of our series introduces:

A) Assyrtiko (ah-seer-tee-ko) a complex and enchanting white indigenous to Greece that wins the award for most beautiful grape vine ever!

Stamnaki Assyrtiko Peloponnese Greece, 2019

B) Braucol, also known as Fer Servadou, an earthy, minerally red from Southern France

Domaine Philemon 'La Croix d'Azal' Braucol Gaillac, France 2019

C) Cesanese (chay-sah-nay-say) a chewy, lively red from the outskirts of Rome

Volpetti 'Le Piantate' Cesanese Lazio, Italy 2018