Importer Spotlight 3-Pack – PortoVino

Importer Spotlight 3-Pack – PortoVino

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Have a look at yet another Spotlight 3-Pack curated by the staff here at Everyday Wines! This time we decided to show off our absolute favorite Italian wine importer- PortoVino! You'd be hard pressed to find something in this importer's book that isn't absolutely delicious, and the 3 wines we've decided to feature here are no different! We love their focus on organic and natural wines from smaller producers, so it's no wonder these are some of our favorites :)

Walter Massa 'FUSO' Barbera Piedmont, Italy 2019

When PortoVino Imports approached Piemontese winemaker Walter Massa with a collaboration idea, their parameters went something like “we want what the locals drink.” 

The result is this 100% Barbera--all estate fruit and organically grown, goes into concrete for aging, sees minimal filtration, and no added sulfites. All these careful applications result in a juicy blue-fruited wine, with gentle tannins and a charming brightness. Imagine yourself clinking glasses with the villagers of Piemonte!

FUSO Filippo Cassano 'Calx' Primitivo Puglia, Italy 2020

The Filippo Cassano 'Calx' Primitivo is a ridiculously crushable super light primitivo coming from the southern Italian region of Puglia. This wine is a part of a wonderful project by one of our favorite importers, PortoVino, called FUSO, which aims to bring organic, small production, daily drinking Italian wines to the US.

Fun fact, Primitivo and Zinfandel are genetic twins, clones of an ancient Croatian varietal. But the Italian rendition couldn't be more different from what we see coming out of California. Think of Primitivo as the light-hearted, easy-going sister to Zinfandel's broody potency (definitely was a goth in high school). Light enough to enjoy with a slight chill, equally as delicious at room temp.

FUSO Dario Serrentino 'CALA' Terre Siciliane Nero d'Avola Sicily, Italy 2019

Another installment in the FUSO project from the Portovino importers, this time from Sicily! This organically grown Nero d'Avola (co-fermented with a touch of Grillo, another native grape to the region) comes from a terroir with desert-like soil composition and marked temperature fluctuations. All of which gives the fruit a lifted brightness and tension, unique for this typically heartier grape.

We get tart plums and berries on the palate, with hints of red tea and spices on the nose. You can even put a little chill on this wine to accentuate the pop!