Jester King 'Figlet' Farmhouse Ale w/ Smoked Texas Figs (Austin, Texas)

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From the bottle: Sooooooooo-eeee! Soo-ee! Here, li'l fig-fig-fig-fig-fig-fig-figgie! C'mere little figlet! We're jest gonna smoke yer cute li'l ol' self right up and ferment tha ever-livin' dickens outta ya. Ya know, ya jest cain't make yerself a proper farmhouse bev'rge without a slow smoked figlet in the mix. So jump on into this here cooker, and we'll make sure yer comfy-cozy as a whisked-up cowboy asleep in his favorite boots...

Jester King is an authentic farmhouse brewery located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country on the outskirts of Austin. We make farmhouse ales and spontaneously fermented beers tied to a time, place, and people.

Batch #4 - September 2017

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