Emma's Winter Sunshine 3-Pack

Emma's Winter Sunshine 3-Pack

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As we enter into the most taxing part of the Michigan winter, I've been defiantly refusing to accept that it's cold out and have been stocking my bar with my favorite wines and beers that remind me of green grass and sunshine. Not too unseasonable (a real word- I checked) as to feel out of place or unenjoyable, these bottles offer a little bit of brightness to cut through the cold and gray we'll have to endure for the next couple of months.

The Niepoort Dry White Port our of Douro, Portugal has quickly become one of my favorite bottles in the shop. A biodynamic dry port made with white grapes, it's crisp and refreshing when served with a hard chill. I personally took a hint straight from the producer and have been making delicious little spritzes with this, combining it with tonic water, ice, and a lemon twist. Fun, refreshing, and making good use of winter citrus!

Another one of my favorite bottles in the shop right now, the Filippo Cassano 'Calx' Primitivo, is a ridiculously crushable primitivo coming from Puglia. This wine is a part of a wonderful project by one of our favorite importers, PortoVino, called FUSO, which aims to bring organic, small production, daily drinking Italian wines to the US. Many thanks for that because this wine is unbelievably delicious. Light enough to enjoy with a slight chill, but equally as delicious at room temp, this wine is fun and unique and reminds me of drinking cold red wine on my porch swing surrounded by good friends. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, the Hopewell 'Neon: Triple Berry' sour ale is Michigan summer in a glass. A mixed-culture sour ale brewed with Michigan berries (raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry from Mick Klug farm), this is a beer that almost drinks like a pet-nat. Tart, zesty, and fun, the fruit is very well balanced, and the Michigan berries remind me of my summers spent with blueberry and raspberry stained hands from picking fruit all morning. Summery for sure, but this sour ale can (and should!) be enjoyed year round, especially when you need a little mid-winter pick me up.