Stamnaki Agiorgitiko Peloponnese, Greece 2019

Stamnaki Agiorgitiko Peloponnese, Greece 2019

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The Stamnaki wines, a name that translates to “little wine jug,” are the product of the Denthis project, which aims to celebrate indigenous Greek varietals vinified traditionally, that is by small family wineries. Agiorgitiko (St. George in Greek) is a widely planted native grape that produces juicy, ample red wines.

Curious how to pronounce it?  Ah-Your-Yee-Tee-Co (accent on the Yee)

We get fresh dark fruits, with plum and spices on the palate. With smooth tannins for such a mouthful, this is a red for all seasons and will pair great with bold flavors!

Food Ideas: shakshuka w/feta cheese, stuffed peppers with bulgar and basil, marinated, grilled lamb w/mint salsa verde, spinch & cheese pie, spicy marinara and spaghetti