Loire Valley 3-Pack

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Three of some of my favorite wines in the shop also happen to from the Loire Valley! I love these wines because they each showcase a light, super gulpable expression of Loire Valley wines, with their superb minerality being the star of the show.

The Louise Chereau sparkling Muscadet dry and mineral, absolutely delicious and an excellent wine for seafood.
The Domaine de Beauregard Muscadet (or Melon de Bourgogne) is one of my all time favorites at the shop. Crisp and mineral with a touch of salinity thanks to the coastal vineyards, this wine is complex and elegant and will absolutely have you coming back for more.
The Plouzeau Cabernet Franc is a lovely expression of this grape from the Chino region of the Loire Valley. Medium-Full bodies but with soft tannins and elegant aromas of red fruit and a subtle spiciness, this complec and exceptionally well balanced wine offers some of the best qualities that Cabernet Franc has to offer. Also, organic!