Emma's Ever Changing Loire Valley 3 Pack

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Some of my favorite wines in the shop also happen to from the Loire Valley! I love these wines because they each showcase a light, super gulpable expression of Loire Valley wines, with their superb minerality being the star of the show. If you're you're a fan of Loire Valley like I am, check back regularly to see my latest three picks.

The Louise Chéreau Vices & Vertus 'Katharos'  is a superbe expression of the Melon de Bourgogne grape. Crisp, mineral, with just a touch of salinity, this is an incredibly interesting white that really shows how much terroir truly does contribute to unique and delicious wines. 

Domaine du Pas St Martin Sous le Tilleul Rouge is a 100% Grolleau Noir, a real gem of the Loire Valley. Mostly used to make Rosés, this grape makes some of my favorite incredibly drinkable french reds, and this wine is no exception.T art, juicy, and incredibly light, we love to put a slight chill on this refreshing red before opening it, after which you won't be able to put your glass down. 

The Verdier-Logel 'Les Gourmets' Gamay of of the Cotes du Forez micro-region of the Loire Valley is pretty much my ideal medium-bodied french wine. It's got the juicy Gamay fruit you might find in Beaujolais wines, but a touch of structure and spice that's characterisic of the Loire Valley, making it a perfectly balanced red that's also incredibly food friendly.