Terrassous Hors d'Age 12yr Rivesaltes (Languedoc, France)

Terrassous Hors d'Age 12yr Rivesaltes (Languedoc, France)

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Like other dessert wines, Rivesaltes is fortified with neutral grape spirit during fermentation, which halts the process. Fortification stabilizes the wine, killing yeast and any bacteria that would create off-flavors or aromas. Then, winemakers put the wine in 5- to 10-gallon glass bottles called demi-johns and leave them outside… for a year. The wine is covered to prevent debris from getting inside, but otherwise Mother Nature is allowed to wreak absolute havoc on the juice. Temperature swings, humidity changes, sunlight, and darkness all affect the wine, transforming fresh fruit flavors into “cooked” or caramelized ones. Sunlight changes its color. 

Needless to say, this bottle of Rivesaltes can be enjoyed over time and will not degrade when exposed to oxygen like most wines.  A fun thing to do is pour yourself a glass, taste it, and then leave it for 5 hours.  Then, taste it again.  Hasn’t changed a bit, right?  

Made from 100% Grenache Blanc and aged in old barrels for 12 years, this Rivesaltes would be great with toasted nuts, a fruit tart, savory or chocolate desserts.  Sweet spice, toasted almond, cigar and creme caramel notes all come together beautifully with a long lingering finish.

Alcohol:  18%
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